What is Cloud Storage

What is Cloud Storage

Cloud solutions allow you to move business processes from on-premises servers outside the enterprise to a variety of data providers, providing increased productivity and more efficient business operations. Cloud servers make the choice of storage hardware much easier.

Previously, it was necessary to make a long decision on the choice of server configuration, weigh all the pros and cons – the permissible maximum server load, the cost of rent/equipment. In the case of increased loads, it was necessary to spend time and money on changing the configuration, to buy additional equipment for the server.

Now that you are considering using the cloud, you can choose a provider for your business from a huge number of cloud providers. In a couple of clicks, you can increase the capacity of the server by increasing the number of processor cores (CPU), RAM, and hard drives. Also, if necessary, you can use a “farm” of several servers for high-load applications. At the same time, it is much easier to set up such a farm, ensuring synchronization between servers, in the cloud, because suppliers offer turnkey solutions for this.

At the moment, there are two popular directions for cloud solutions:

Data storage

The use of cloud data storage is one of the most popular solutions for optimizing business processes. There are many providers that offer their services at a cost much lower than the cost of equipment for local servers, and also include free solutions for small businesses.

Hosting and server services for web applications

In cloud hosting, several servers are connected, as a rule, with different locations. In the event of a server failure in shared hosting, your web application will be unavailable. Cloud servers provide the highest resiliency and also allow for easy capacity expansion. If earlier, cloud hosting was quite expensive and they were used only by large companies, then in the last 3-4 years there has been a tendency to reduce the cost of services. Now even specially configured servers are available for various platforms.

Cloud storage overview

Given the many cloud storage providers, you must make the right choice of a provider that provides high bandwidth, security, and value for money. Next, I will describe some of the most popular cloud storage platforms.

Google drive

Google Drive is the default choice for Android owners as it is already integrated, but users of other platforms can also appreciate Google’s rather generous offer. To do this, you just need to create your account (mail) in Google. You can also store hi-res photos on your mobile using the companion Google Photos app and use Google’s own office suite (now known as G Suite).

The downside is that the web interface is not very easy to use, although Windows and Mac users can easily download the desktop application.


Dropbox offers free 2GB storage by default. At the same time, this volume can be easily increased to 16 GB by linking your account to social networks and sharing a link for friends to use Dropbox services.

A Dropbox Business subscription lets you customize the list of employees who have access to storage and provides unlimited space. There are also advanced features for file recovery and version control. Business subscription prices start at $ 12.50 per user.


OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) is integrated into Windows 10 File Explorer. You don’t need to download an additional app – it can be used out of the box, which is great for those who have updated to the latest version of Windows.

The Microsoft Photos app can also use OneDrive to sync pictures across all of your devices. There are also apps for Android and iOS to work with OneDrive.

Yandex Disk

Cloud storage from Yandex that supports the WebDAV protocol for connecting a network drive and has an API for integration. Not so long ago, Yandex has significantly reduced the cost of cloud storage services, which makes it more attractive to customers around the world. Yandex offers 10 GB of disk space for free, if you want to extend the storage then here is the price..