Chatbot For Business: How and Who Will Help to Earn More

Chatbot For Business: How and Who Will Help to Earn More

Designing an ai chatbot and setting up a sales funnel through it, is a normal practice even for a small business. If you are presenting your products or services on social media, but you do not have employees who can respond to those customers 24*7. Here a small chatbot will help you to overcome this problem with help of little Artificial Intelligence. This AI chatbot will help you to not lose those potential customers and sales due to untimely responses. This article will talk about what is a chatbot and why a chatbot for business is useful if you start ai chatbot now.


Who Can Make a Chatbot for business


You can make a chatbot for your business, let’s say for a commercial public page or community, either on Facebook or on Whatsapp, but you can not make for a personal page.

If you are promoting your services exclusively through the blog which is popular now among small businesses, bloggers, tutors, e-commerce platforms, and others then this article will be very useful for you to understand chatbot benefits. To connect an ai chatbot, you need your presence in social networks and the presence of business pages. So, make sure that you have one profile or page in all major social networks.

Why Small and Micro Business Need a  Chatbot for business

Good question. It seems that while the business is small, then you seem to be doing it yourself. You will answer each client personally, keep your finger on the keyboard and you will just ruin your daily routine.

Using a chatbot can make this task easier. A chatbot can copy the prepared answers to the possible general questions that can be asked by customers like “how to buy”, ”is delivery is free” and “how much does it cost” etc. 

We also know that online shopping has become a common place for all over the internet. Why not help these people buy from you using a chatbot online? After all, it can increase the efficiency and conversion of an advertising message if the message is well prepared to leverage the chatbot benefits.


What Can be a Chain for a Chatbot?


Let’s say you’re running a social media ad. A person follows it and enters into correspondence with the Landing page.

Or another option: I post an engaging text, survey, or picture in the group. The reader clicks and sees an offer to continue the conversation and (and here are the options):

  • get your horoscope;
  • take a business sustainability test;
  • find out how high / low his self-esteem is, and so on.

But all this is already in private messages.


Important: the chatbot helps to record the participant’s consent to the correspondence. Only after receiving this consent – by pressing a button, writing a word or symbol – we can continue to write in a personal message. And it must also be possible to unsubscribe from the mailing list, otherwise users will block the sender and send complaints. These are the conditions of any social network, and it will have to be observed.

But having received the user’s consent, I can continue to lead him through the sales funnel. I can tell you more about my proposal, close my fears and answer the doubts of a potential buyer-customer.

For example, my chatbot is working to establish trust. He asks potential customers about the readiness of their page to receive traffic, both advertising and random organic traffic.


After a person has pressed the buttons with answers and appeared in the database, I send him a checklist of this check. Only now it contains more details and pictures with tips on where and what to set in the business page settings.


Business Chatbot in the Sales Funnel 

Imagine having the opportunity to speak with each prospect in person. If with such a contact, you can guide the customer through the entire sales funnel, then you can formulate a chain for the chatbot. A chatbot is a marketing tool. If you have a well-thought-out auto funnel, then it can most likely be transferred to a chatbot.

Quick Replies to Potential Customers

The undoubted benefit of a chatbot is that many actions can be made automatic. According to statistics, the absence of a response to the client in the first five minutes sharply reduces the likelihood of a purchase. An auto-reply with a greeting from the bot will help keep the client on the line. Setting up such an auto reply today is a sign that you care.

The person became interested, went to you and immediately received the necessary information in response, a lead magnet, something else valuable, for example, in exchange for contacts. This is your first touch, your first contact and an impression that can no longer be produced again.

The more people receive information from you, the wider the neck of your sales funnel. It should be borne in mind that a very small percentage of those who agreed to the correspondence in PM and clicked the “answer”, “look”, “remind” button will read your proposal. And they will buy even less. The rest of the clients will need to “think”.


Auto-Replies in Comment

Another good option is setting up automatic replies to comments via the chatbot. The smart feed is very fond of comments. If they appear in the first hour after the post is released, then the number of impressions in the feed will increase.


The chatbot will issue a pre-prepared response to the person who wrote under the post. For example, “yes, I need it” or just a plus sign. The chatbot may offer to continue the conversation in private messages, which adds your visitor to the base of potential customers.

Another answer to the question “why a chatbot for microbusiness” is to achieve small and important goals, which at first glance are not related to direct selling. Use it for:

  • self-presentation – chat bot business card;
  • engaging in dialogue – a chat bot with a test, quiz, game;
  • maintaining a warm contact.

And even if you do not have the described sales funnel, strategy, and even a portrait of the target audience. Even if you don’t sell anything in the first chain, and even in the second, you will have access to those who once showed interest.

The person will have time to look at you and make a decision, and you will have time to make 3-4-5 polite and NOT advertising touches. Why not advertising? This is the next point.

Do Business Need a Chatbot if There is No Auto Funnel.

If there is no working sales funnel, strategy and USP , then how can a chatbot increase conversions?

In this case, the chatbot will serve other purposes.

  • Set your readers up for easy, meaningful dialogue that will work to build trust.
  • Give them hints and usefulness that will present you as an expert who knows the pain of your audience.
  • Businesses often lack data on who they are, our customers? What are they, what do they need, how to become a friend to them. By replies in the chatbot, find out those who look at your page or respond to ads.
  • Segment your audience, take into account preferences, you can understand from the answers what people respond better to.
  • Get answers to the question “What did you dislike?”, If, of course, such a question will be in your chatbot. Any such answer is of great value for the future correction of mistakes and building correct communication.

Social Media Requirement for Chat Boats

Chatbot or newsletters must not contain direct advertising. It is prohibited by  the Community Standards in section 18 of Facebook .

You can send out community news and subscribed content for free. But even on subscription mailings, a warning has already been issued about changes in Facebook from March 4, 2020. We will not go into detail now, this is a topic for a separate article. Let me just say that Facebook has already made a restriction for free newsletters last year.

The limitation is not terrible: you need the user to reply to your message within 24 hours. If you re-write to someone who hasn’t written you anything for 24 hours, Facebook can ban the business page, and at the same time the personal page of the user who spam. Agree, this is fair.

Business Chatbot: In Summary

  • If you didn’t have a chatbot and you stopped coping with one-person correspondence, it’s time to start either one or an assistant.
  • Chatbots, despite all the innovations, amicably adapt and develop.
  • A chatbot for business can be bought and even inexpensive. In the finished bot, supposedly only the texts need to be changed. But you need to understand that these are templates. You will have to understand them, alter them, or, most likely, order revision from those who sold them to you.
  • You can also make a chat bot yourself (and this is a topic for a separate article). It’s not very simple, but if you worked with Google spreadsheets and launched the broadcast through streaming programs, you can get comfortable.

The main difficulty with chatbots is that while you master everything, the rules of the game change. And the chatbots themselves too. In applications that create chatbots, tabs are changed, features are added, and network conditions are constantly changing. You will need to keep your finger on the pulse. The question is, are you ready for this?


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